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to sign love, make two and cross them over your heart

Took a little break for Ramadan, but managed to write this one in the meantime (which is a miracle, given how unproductive I was generally)


A fist is not a hand
It cannot do what hands do
It is another thing entirely.
Cannot hold a small soft something
Only crush and collapse
Cannot shake another to greet
Only collide and rebound,

A fist is always inside itself
Always closed, always tight.

No one has ever held a fist
Tenderly in their own fist
And forgiven its clamminess
With their own
Worried a hem with a fist
Reached down to entwine knuckles
Inside a pocket to keep warm

A fist cannot do things
That hands can do
A fist is another thing entirely.

But a hand is not a fist after all.
I know it was a fist
Clutching the other end of the rope
On the edge of the cliff
While I swung below, two fists together
Holding tight to my life pulled taut and crying
It was a fist in the back of my shirt
That pulled me up
Pulled me over
Pulled me safe
Refused to let go.

A hand cannot do what a fist can do
Cannot cling to that which it loves
Cannot raise itself to a door and knock
Cannot dig nails into palm in cold sweat waiting.

I run my thumb over the first joint
Of the fingers
Of the fist
Feel it unfurl in my hand
And you are hand
And you are fist
You are the rope and the cliff
And the small soft something
The greeting
And the collision
You are the knock and the door
The sound it makes when it opens
And another thing entirely.


Today’s song is The Front Bottoms – Help

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